Syllabus components should the students know

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The syllabus is the feature on LEB2 which provides general information about the classroom. There are components as follows:

  1. General Information consists of Course Description, Learning Outcomes, Prerequisites, and Schedule
  2. The teaching team consists of a class owner and teachers. The class owner can choose to display the teaching team on Syllabus to introduce students about the team.
  3. Tentative Schedule consists of the activity created by the teaching team
  4. Assessment Weighting consists of the weighting for each activity set by the teaching team
  5. About Classroom is where the teaching team informs the students about an agreement or a rule about the classroom. 
  6. The comment is a section where the students can leave their comments about the syllabus and it can be posted as anonymous. Moreover, the students can attach a file through this section




Note: the students can print out the information of the syllabus through this feature by clicking Print.

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