Learn it, your online lesson!

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'Learn it', the new release feature from LEB2! This feature enables you to have an online lesson on a desktop version.

  1. Go to feature Learn It.

  2. Click an icon 25ffb05f-d8c6-4397-a31d-c9599aeff9dc.png    to display the lessons.

  3. Click the lesson as required.

  4. Click an icon to download the materials for each online lesson.07aa6507-8567-42ac-b538-1384261ee3ae.png

Remark If you have an issue with watching videos on Learn It feature, there are possibly 2 reasons. First, you access LEB2 outside the university or from abroad. For this case, we recommend you to connect to KMUTT VPN. If you have already connect to the VPN, but still cannot watch the videos. There can be some applications extensions on Google Chrome are blocking accessing the feature. Go check the extensions and disable some applications and see whether if you sill can watch the videos.

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