Self-assessment through Score Book Feature

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Students may have an issue with checking their score through a feature called "Score Book" on LEB2. The issue which is often found is that they cannot see the score after the announcement. Why is that? The answer is Self-assessment is required to complete in some activates that are set by the teachers. 

How to complete Self-assessment on Score Book feature?

On Desktop

  1. Go to Score Book
  2. Select the activity you want to see the score, then click Self-assessment pending
  3. The website will proceed to Assess yourself page, click View Full Rubric to see all criteria
  4. Read carefully on each criterion then click File to see your submission
  5. Grading Rubric by selecting a number for each criterion

On Mobile Devices

  1. Go to Assessment activity
  2. Select the activity you want to see the score
  3. Click Score
  4. Assess yourself by selecting a number for each criterion

After the students have completed the self-assessment, the score will be shown as well as other statuses of the activity.

Note: the students can delete the numbers given to each criterion of their self-assessment. Also, they can leave comments to give feedback to their teacher through this feature.

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