Submit The Assignment and Check The Status on LEB2

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Submit the assignment on LEB2

Students can submit their assignment on LEB2 through various devices such as computer, notebook, tablet, iPad and mobile phone. If you access LEB2 through computer, notebook, tablet and iPad, you will see LEB2 in the Desktop Version.

  1. Go to the class
  2. Select feature Assessment Activity
  3. Choose the activity you want to submit
  4. Click Submit


  5. Fill up details or attach files in the submission form


  6. After complete the form, click Submit
  7. Check attachments underneath the submission detail to make sure that all files are completely uploaded


Note If you submit them after the due date, your submission will be late immediately.

Check the submission status on LEB2

  1. Go to the class.
  2. Select feature Assessment Activity.
  3. Select the activity you want to check
  4. The status will be shown after each assignment you have submitted. Green means you have submitted on time but Orange means you have made the late submission


  5. You can check for the submission detail by clicking the activity and it will appear under your personal information.


Note: If you want to check whether you have submitted a correct file or not, go to the assessment activity you want to check and click "Assess Yourself / Score & Feedback".

Do not! click save twice if you don't wish to submit a new file because clicking save again will affect time change and your submission status. 

In the late submission case, download the General Request Form here

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