Access LEB2 through mobile phone

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You can access LEB2 through your mobile phone.


  1. Access via Google Chrome
  2. Log in to
  3. Go to classes bar, then select the class as required
  4. Click f48ba82e-b297-4ff6-b3a7-01fcea72c993.png to select feature as required



  1. Go to Assessment Activity feature
  2. Click Submit button on All tab or Assessment Activity tab
  3. Fill your answer in the description box or click icon_leb2_bible-29.pngto attach files
  4. Click Submit to confirm your submission

  IMG_6098.png  IMG_6102.png

Remark:  You won't be able to delete all submission and save on mobile version.

Online Quiz 

  1. Go to Assessment Activity
  2. Select Quiz tab
  3. Click Start to begin 


  4. Insert your student ID for verification
  5. Click Confirm


  6. Take a quiz, once it's done, click Submit

    IMG_6107.png    IMG_6108.png

  7. Confirm submission by clicking 'Send Quiz'


  8. Check your answer on Score tab



  • If The internet disconnection and you're still on the time limit and due date, click 'Resume' to continue a quiz.
  • If you return after the due date, you will not be able to continue a quiz.

Download file

  1. Go to feature Learning Activity
  2. Choose the file as required



  1. After the due date, you cannot access files or activities.
  2. Downloading file through Google application is not recommended as the application itself is not supportive to do so. Chrome is the best recommendation for the better experience. 

Watch videos 

You can watch videos through 2 main features on LEB2 

  1. watch though Learning Activity
  2. watch through Learn It

Note All uploaded videos on Learn It feature can only displayed on the desktop version, you can simply switch it to another site mode.


You can check-in in 2 ways

1. Check-in via Letter or QR Code

  • Sign in on LEB2
  • Select the activity as required
  • Select Attendance
  • Click Join and fill the code up
  • Click Save to confirm attendance

  IMG_6113.png    IMG_6115.png

2. Scan QR Code

  • Scan QR Code
  • Sign in on LEB2
  • The system is shown the student's status

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