How to use LEB2Live without interruption

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How to use LEB2Live without interruption?

  1. Turn off students' microphones and cameras.

    You should turn off the microphone and camera of your students to reduce the amount of traffic or select the" turning off incoming video".

  2. Do not press the record button for fun.

    Inform your students not to press the record button. To get the most complete video file, the record button should be controlled only by the teacher.

  3. Check your internet speed.

    You need at least 5 Mbps to live and be able to do speed testing at

  4. Login to office365 is necessary.

    Some features in LEB2Live are limited if students use it without login to office365.

  5. Whiteboard is not supported on mobile or iPad.

    Students who watch Live via mobile or iPad are not able to see a sharing whiteboard.

Other tools for online whiteboard and brainstorming board:

  • Miro

  • AWW

  • Padlet


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