Export and import Score via Scorebook

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You can easily announce the score on LEB2. If you assess their work in the system, your student can see the score in feature Scorebook right away. Anyway, If you didn't assess their work on LEB2, you can easily import their score back in the system and announce it by following these steps.


How to export & import score

  1. Go to Scorebook
  2. Click ...
  3. Select Import score
  4. Select Download score template 
  5. Fill out the score according to a list of students in the template file that you downloaded
  6. Complete filling out the score, then upload the excel file back to the system
  7. Click ...
  8. In import score section, select Choose file
  9. Upload the file

How to announce score

  1. Go to Assessment Activity
  2. Select the assessment activity
  3. Click Announce score 


  • If it is an individual work, you have to fill out the score for all students but if it is a group work, you just fill out the score for one of the members in the group
  • Must complete assessing all criterions

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