Create Survey for Learning Improvement

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Students' voice is vitally important for you to receive some feedback or any suggestion. This allows you to be a guideline and escalate you to manage your class completely.

The survey can be created as these steps below:

  • Go to Survey
  • Click Create
  • Fill up the information
    • Title
    • Description 
    • Schedule a publish date  (the students will reach this survey when it comes to starting date.)
    • End date 
    • Click Create
    • Go back to the previous page, then select the survey that you've created
    • Click Add

There are four types of survey:

  1. Learning Outcome Based Question - the learning outcomes of the course can be imported to use in this type of survey. Teachers can use it for checking if students understand the lessons.


  2. Rating - this type of survey is similar to Learning Outcome Based Question type. However, the learning outcomes cannot be imported. Teachers must define each level for the answer. Also, an expected answer can be set.


  3. Short Answer - this type of survey is for an open-ended question. Any answer can be written and teachers can also set a keyword as an expected short answer. No limitation on number of characters entered in this section.


  4. Multiple Choices - this type of survey provides respondents with multiple answer options. Teachers can set an expected answer as they want.



  • The created date won't be visible. Only published and due date will be referring to the setting.

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