Check students' submission status in one click!

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  1. Go to Assessment Activity
  2. Choose the activity you want to check then select Assess
  3. Select the student you want to assess
  4. Click the attachment icon to see details of the submission like status, files or date and time
  • Teachers can check what time students submit their work
  • Teachers can see how many attempts students edit their submission
  • Teachers have evidence to confirm with students in case they submit late
  • The system will make a record right away whenever students submit their work or edit submission
  • The submission status will show 'Late' if students edit submission after a due date even their first submission was on time. The last attempt will be shown as the latest submit


The teachers can also check the submission by filtering status

  1. Go to Assessment Activity
  2. Choose the activity you want to check then select Assess
  3. Filter the student's submission by the status
  • Display only submitted students
  • Display only on time submitted students  
  • Display only not submitted students 
  • Display only late submitted students
  • Display only reviewed
  • Display only review pending 

Or filter the students by department


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