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One of LEB2's features called ""Attendance" that is used for checking in class by students. The teacher must create a QR code or the letters code on LEB2 first so that  students can join or scan for checking in. Attendance can be done on both desktop version and mobile version.

Desktop Version

  1. Go to Attendance
  2. Click Join to join the class attendance
  3. Fill letters or scan QR code for attendance



What does each color of student's attendance status mean?

Student's attendance status

  • On-time in green color
  • Late in orange color
  • Leave in blue color
  • Absent in red color


Note: If the QR code and letters code have been set an expiry date by the teacher, students who join or scan the codes after the expiry date won't be able to check in.

Mobile Version

  1. Scan QR Code for attendance
  • After scanning the QR Code, the system will be proceeded you to Log in page. You have to fill your username and password to attend the class.



    2. Check-in by letter for attendance by following these steps:

  • Log in with your username and password 
  • Go to Attendance
  • Fill the letters in blank space which is given by the teacher
  • Click Save



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